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Address: 399610 Russia, Lipetsk region,
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Industrial park kuznetskaya sloboda

is the specially organized territory for placing new production in the Lipetsk region, located at the land of the industrial purposes, supplied with the energy resources, engineering infrastructure, production facilities and constructions needed for the industrial activity. (The law of Lipetsk region "About industrial policy in the Lipetsk region" (Adopted by resolution of Lipetsk regional Council of Deputies dated 7 June 2001. N 625-PS, as amended dated 14.07.2011 N 501-OZ).

Territory of your success:

Private gas-burning boiler house is designed for heating production buildings, administrative buildings of the park and part of the housing settlement of the town of Lebedyan.

The power of thermal energy (Gcal/h) 7,5
Free power of thermal energy (Gcal/h) 1,5

Heat carriers: hot water with the specified temperature in the delivery pipeline +95 0С, in the return pipeline +700С; saturated steam with working pressure of 5 kgf/cm2 and the temperature of +1510С.

The boilers work in the boiler house is regulated by automatic safety controls.

There are automatic sensors CO and CH4 in production shops with gas-consuming equipment.

Supply and exhaust ventilation, which provides a 3-fold air exchange. There is a reserve fuel facility, consisting of a pumping station, acceptance tanks and pipelines.